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The iPROSPORTS live-printing team finished off a successful year of tournament attendance at the Scottish Junior Open Squash Championships 2019. With hundreds of juniors competing from all over the world, there were many new faces and old friends to see, and plenty of personalised iPROSPORTS kit headed back overseas as souvenirs and late Christmas presents! 

The same but different: the Hendricks twins chose one design, two ways! They weren’t the only competitors flying the flag for their respective countries during the tournament. Hoodies and t-shirts proudly displayed the colours of Brazil, Malaysia, Colombia, Portugal, Australia, the USA – and of course, Scotland,

The award for design of the tournament, however, has to go to these three chirpy chappies, who had travelled the furthest and thought the longest about what they’d like on their shirts. Sadly, however, they didn’t have space to squeeze too many items of personalised into their suitcases. It looks as if it might be time for the iPROSPORTS live-printing operation to visit Australia….

Congratulations to all the competitors and we look forward to seeing most of you at the Dunlop British Junior Open Championships in January 2020!

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