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Racketlon World Team Championships heading to Denmark in July.

This years Racketlon World Team Championships is taking place in Denmark in July.

iPROSPORTS have designed a complete range of GB kit for the teams travelling over, totalling over 40 players. From the Elite Squad to Juniors and Masters, we look forward to some great British results!

And if you’ve not heard of Racketlon…front t shirt back t shirt vest front vest back front back

In a nutshell, you play your opponent at table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis, each sport is played to 21 points and the player with the most points across all four sports wins the Racketlon match.This relatively simple description hides a wonderful sport filled with intricacy, mental pressure, tactics and a huge amount of fun. Ultimately in Racketlon, every point counts and that makes it an intriguing, exciting and fantastic sport to play.


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